Schär - Farmhouse Bread Mix 450 gram

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Product Sell Size Gewicht 450 gram
EAN 8008698037805

Maiszetmeel, lijnzaadmeel, boekweitmeel, erwtenzemelen, rijstzemelen, plantaardige zemelen, zout, suiker, verdikkingsmiddel: guarpitmeel.

Other Product's Name Mix it rustico
Keywords mix, rustico, lactose, no, it, schar, gluten-free
Labels No gluten, No lactose
eco-score Grade unknown
epi Score 0
epi Value -5
NOVA Group Debug no nova group when the product does not have ingredients
Countries Usually Available in France, Germany, en:belgium
Energy (in 100g) 326
Fat (in 100g) 2.6
Proteins (in 100g) 6.1
Salt (in 100g) 0.75
Sodium (in 100g) 0.3
Sugars (in 100g) 2.1
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