Turtle - Cornflakes Bedekt met Melkchocolade Biologisch 250 gram

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Free From Lactose
Product Sell Size Gewicht 250 gram
EAN 5425038430233

Boekweit en gierstvlokken (32%), suiker, rijstmeel, hazelnoten 5%, plantaardige olie, maisvlokken (maismeel, zout), sojameel, kokos 3%, aardappelzetmeel, gepofte rijst, amandelen 1,5%, honing 0,6%, aroma, zout, antioxidant: ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol-rijk extract (natuurlijk), sojalecithine.

Other Product's Name Free From Crunchy honey & nuts
Keywords their, food, gluten-free, mixture, and, plant-based, of, crunchy, rice, honey, nut, oil, beverage, flour, flake, baked, with, from, potatoe, free, lactosevrij, sunflower, glutenvrij, buckwheat, breakfast-cereal, millet, product, cereal, peakCruesli ,Crunchy ,Crunchy Honing en Noten ,Glutenvrij ,Glutenvrije Crunchy ,Glutenvrije Crunchy Honing en Noten ,Honing ,Muesli ,Noten
Labels Glutenvrij,Lactosevrij,en:With Sunflower oil
eco-score Grade c
eco-score Score 45
epi Score 0
epi Value -5
Nova Group 4
Nova Group Image
NOVA Group Tags 4 ultra processed food and drink products
NOVA Group Debug -- ingredients/en:honey : 3 -- additives/en:e322 : 4
Nutrient Fat Level moderate
Nutrient Salt Level moderate
Nutrient Saturated Fat Level moderate
Nutriscore Grade c
Nutriscore Score 9
Nutrition Grade Image
Nutrition Score (FR) in 100g 9
Countries Usually Available in Nederland
Fruits/Vegetables/Nuts 7.2
Additives Tags E304 - Fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid , E304i - Ascorbyl palmitate , E306 - Tocopherol-rich extract , E322 - Lecithins , E322i - Lecithin ,
Allergens From Ingredients soybeans, soy flour
Allergens Tags soybeans
Energy (in 100g) 398
Fat (in 100g) 16
Fiber (in 100g) 2.2
Proteins (in 100g) 6.8
Salt (in 100g) 0.3
Sodium (in 100g) 0.12
Sugars (in 100g) 22
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